Here’s what it takes to join MeetNLunch, Thailand’s most trusted dating company

Since 2005, MeetNLunch has attended to many eligible singles as a matchmaking agency. We take into consideration each client’s dating preferences, and only suggest match profiles that are compatible.

Everyone’s mindset and dating preferences are different. Therefore, we will never ask clients to go on dates which they find disagreeable, and will only arrange dates after both parties agrees to the other’s profile.

To minimise chances of disappointment for all singles who want to join MeetNLunch, here are 3 requirements which all singles have to fulfill before we accept them as members:

All MeetNLunch members are above 25 years old to ensure genuineness and sincerity in wanting to settle down in a serious relationship.

As for our age cut-off, our single women are aged 45 years old and below, while our single men are aged 55 years old and below.

All our members are required to have at least one bachelor’s degree, or a completed college degree.

MeetNLunch members generally possess good physical and mental health. Many are into fitness activities such as running, hiking, swimming, and even tough obstacles courses designed to test physical endurance.

In 2018 alone, there has already been 200,000 singles who have expressed interest in joining our exclusive service. We have Social Development Network (SDN) accreditation, and have been certified by the Matchmaking Institute located in USA. We estimate to reach 1,000,000 success couples in 2028.

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