Jantarus Shateprayoon(Korn), Age 34 & Korkiat Latpmahaprasert(Chen), Age 51

♥ First Date: 10 May 2012 Wedding Date: 25 January 2013  ♥

Chen Impression

Q: How is your single life life before meeting with us ?

A: I had been single for a period, enjoying with work and self-dependant lifestyle but I felt that there’re something missing from my life when the time has passed. Moreover, my career has faced with only same group of people in daily routine including no time to find someone. I ever try to meet with some girls by surfing internet and made appointment later. but that was not successful as unmatched character and difficulty to start the relation from nothing. I visited MeetnLunch website and had interest to meet with MeetnLunch staff later during my holiday. From answering questionnaire and talking with MeetnLunch staff to leave useful information for matchmaker. I failed two unmatched girls that made me discouraged and almost gave up, I eventually met with Korn at Yura restaurant at Central World which is my third date offered by MeetnLunch. She’s little and lovely half-Chinese girl at age 35 as I expected. I was deeply impressed as she has so progressive thought rather than me, I decided to send her at home and asked her email to for building better familiarity. the more conversation we had, the closer similar trait I found as she ever manage her family garment business. One of the most impressive trait is that she’s funny and good in taking care family which wis same to me We also have same favourites such as being Japanese food fan and travel lover. even desired destinations which is suitably matched from 2/3, Italy and Japan. after getting married, we had honeymoon at Italy and Japan, several years later

What do you want to say to single person looking for lover:

If you can not find the right person, no matter from unfitting time or chance, Feel free to talk with MeetnLunch as you will not waste your time and tried to find the right person anymore, definitely. It was such a valuable opportunity as MeetnLunch holds reliable system. These make me and Korn to have this day. Thank you MeetnLunch.

Korn Impression

Start, break up, grief and disappointment happened to me for many times. These made me feel nothing to be optimised for single than couple life. But I’m always jealous when seeing someone having hand grasp and walking together. I talked to my self “leaving on the shelf life is OK for me. but my destiny was changed, when I saw Take Me Out, TV programme about finding date, during Valentine Day and there was a campaign for single. So, I looked the detail on the website linked to matchmaking company. First stunning at first time, I surfed more information until I forgot the campaign (laugh…). Finally, interest in this company makes me decide to use MeetnLunch service. After applied service, This place is like the time machine that reduces gap about timing until I can find my lover successfully, I would like to thank you Meetnlunch so much and also introduce any single persons to use this wonderful service.