Kitima Seelalo (Nim), Age 28, & Suppawut Thainiyom (Pond), Age 38

♥ First Date: 10th November 2012 Wedding Date: 17th January 2016  ♥

Pound: I’m engineer working busily as everyone knows including facing with stress. So, I have not much opportunity to meet people in other fields and my usual personal character, silence and not talkative which make me harder to find someone

When I met her in the first time, I was impressed from her fresh smiling making bright world. This lovely smile made me determine to know her better and find out her characters and habits, that kind of thing, until our relation had been upgraded and changed to marry when we have known for around 2 years.

Nim: Actually, I’m socialising girl, talkative, funny and love freedom lifestyle. that’s why I have a lot of friend but I’m not easy to believe in any persons. I have listened many couple experiences that made me fear to start dating with some guys and to be left on the shelf, in the same time (laught…)

I changed my attitude to somewhat believe in possible fate at MeetNLunch. After several unmatched guys, I finally met Pound by suggestion from lovely cupid matchmaker at here.

At first sight, his physical looking seemed to be missed from my expectation but his expressed habit was extremely gorgeous. In the first date, MeetNLunch lovely cupid said he is so shy but It wasn’t. He talked and asked me till I was stunned for a while. Then, we decided to start our worried relation as our age is quite very different which may lead to future problem. But, that wasn’t any troubles at all.

We have gotten along together very well. He’s very gentleman, cozy and friendly, even joke bugging me, sometimes (laugh..) He also has leadership and fluency in housework. After this smooth relation, he asked me to marry with him.

Why choosing MeetnLunch: (Nim) From current working and urban environment, both workplace and personal life, are so difficult to meet or know someone who specially satisfied us. MeetNLunch services give me extraordinary choices for selecting desired characters, habits and appearances which are professionally matched for me.

(Pound) I feel like I got another new friend. This friend will ask and share about our beloved girl and her feedbacks and for having appointment if she gets interested with me.

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