Wasana Tawiwat (Ning), Age 38 & Saravut Malimai (Kung), Age 41

♥ First Date: 10 July 2015 Wedding Date: 12 March 2016  ♥

Q: Do you ever have girlfriend before meeting with us, ?

A: Not at all from specialized career and shy personality. I don’t exactly know how to begin relation including meeting with only same people in daily routine. that’s why I was single all the time.

Q: What does make you to use MeetNLunch, having long consideration ?

A: When I reached certain age and often joined wedding party of my friends, I’m thinking “When that will be my turn ?” Thus, I started to look some possible assisting channels. eventually, I surfed the internet and found MeetNLunch and filled the application after looking the detail and received a call from MeetNLunch staff to interview at the company.

Q: How does Ning impress you?

A: She is beautiful, even more when I see her. After taking with her. she is sincere and straight girl like me. There was no any stresses from talking with her.

Q: When do you found that she is the answer for you, any similar traits, how many date and conversation ?

A: After first date, I met together everyday and continued keeping in touch. Both of us really want to build a family and she can accept that I’m not romantic man. Moreover, she can accept every personality drawbacks. that is so hard to find someone like her.

Q: Are there any same or different in you both trait and favour ?

A: We together have many same traits, being straight person, sincere and sensible for every chatted topics. Although She’s travel lover but I’m not, I always find something for having trip together.

Q: How long have you known before deciding to get married ?

A: Seven months, it may be too short for someone. But, we thought same that we have finally found each other. I do not want to lose her and any chances, So, I asked her to marry.


Q: Why do you choose Ning?
A: I’m getting older and can’t wait anymore. She’s nice and I’m sure that she will be my terrific wife and mother of my kids in the future.

Q: Do you have something in your mind to tell Ning ?
A: She’s my first love and I hope we can live together with love, coziness, understanding and reason for building family together.