“Meet your soulmate with the most trusted dating company in Thailand.”

1. Private Consultation
The dating process starts when clients meet up with our consultant. This will allow us to carefully determine what you are look for in a potential partner. We will discuss your lifestyle, interests, relationship goal and what has or hasn’t worked for you in the past to increase a chance of success when we select a match.

2. Profile Verification
We carry out ID and marital status check for the Thai. As for the expat, we asked all clients to submit photocopy of passport, education certificate to verify their identity.

3. Profile Matching
Once we select a match based on personality and requirements, we will propose about the person we have chosen to you. We value the importance of confidentiality and only give out your first name, never revealing your address, phone number or company name.

4. Date Scheduling
Our goals are that the match is compatible and the time and place are convenient for both of you. If your schedule makes meeting for lunch difficult, we can arrange for a coffee or dinner after work.

5. Dating Arrangement
If you are comfortable with the match provided, all you need to do next is to turn up at the restaurant and enjoy the date with your potential soulmate.

6. Dating Feedback
At the end of the meeting, you can make plans to get together again. Following each date, please fill in our feedback form or call us with feedback, so we can fine tune your next match and make it even more precise in the future.

Meet Your Soulmate

All you have to do is show up and enjoy your date